DevOps and Rapid Application Development

Business today must move at the speed the technology moves. With the slow decline of traditional software development, which often cannot keep up the pace, the industry got rid of rigidity that existed in the traditional development lifecycle. DevOps is one of the key pillars to make IT be the relevant partner in-line with the clients’ business and is a close companion to agile. The DevOps model helps in active communication and feedback from different stakeholders such as developers, testers and the IT team. The success, flexibility and reliability of this structure have led to re-imagine the process and work flows within the organizations.

We, at GlobalXperts Technology, having extensive experience in DevOps, leverage this expertise to provide our clients with comprehensive DevOps approach through automation, integration, deployment, monitoring and support stages of the development lifecycle. Leverages our DevOps Assessment Framework, GlobalXperts Technology delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment.

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